• Microblading enhancement $600

  • Microblading recreation $650

  • Combo Brows $650      

  • Eyebrow correction (old pmu) $700 with shading $750

  • Annual touch up starts $250

  • Additional touch ups start $100 (upto 3 months from last perfecting visit

  • Annual combo $350




  • Eyelash enhancement  $400

  • Eyeliner top or bottom $500

  • Eyeliner top&bottom $600

  • Winged liner $750

  • Consultation free

description of service

Microblading enhancement 

-this option is for someone that has a full brow and wants to enhance their shape and fullness

Microblading recreation

-this option is for someone who has little to no hair and needs full Microblading 

Combo brows

-this option if for Microblading and shading

Eyebrow Correction

-this option is for anyone that has had ANY previous work done by another artist.

Annual/combo annual

-returning clients of mine, not from another artist (price varies, it is an annual charge so if its been longer price will go up.)